Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Headache Lead to a Good Thing

Yesterday, I went home from work with a headache.

I was waiting to hear from Hollee about working out, but still determined to do so by myself if necessary. I took an 800mg Ibuprofen, got in my gym clothes, & plopped down on the bed to wait out my headache.

I was flipping through the channels and came across FitTV. Namaste Yoga was on, but Body Sculpting with some Italian guy was coming on next. So I set it to Autotune back to that channel when it came on. Luckily, when it did, my headache was gone.

So I did 30 minutes of body sculpting. The moves were hard, but I feel like I needed more. I'm gonna check to see what comes on after Body Sculpting today to see if I can just do they next program as well.

Weigh-in & BP today:
  • Dropped 3.5 lbs this week, but after factoring in the 2 I gained back over vaca, I'm really only down 1.5 lbs for a total of 7.5 lbs
  • BP was 118/79 "Ah-mazing" in the words of Hollee

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