Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beer is the ENEMY!!!

During my vacation, I had some cheese fries. But, I've had similar during my dieting.

During my vacation, I had a steak. But, I've had steak during my diet.

During my vacation, I had 30 Michelob Ultras. DEVIL! I have not been drinking beer on my diet, and I've been dropping weight. I drink beer over the weekend and I gain back 2 lbs. WTF? I hate you beer!

In beers defense, I haven't really worked out in, oh, about a week!

So, after this week, I was supposed to be just 4 lbs away from my end of month goal, but now, (thanks a lot beer) I'm 8 lbs. I guess I'm going to be eating very little and working out quite a lot between now and next Friday!

I'm on a mission! I REALLY want to reach that goal!!

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