Monday, July 13, 2009

Been Slackin'

On the blog & the work-outs!

Hollee & I walked on a trail in Blacksburg behind her house on Wednesday -- last Wednesday evening. And that was the last time I walked that week!

I know! I know! But I was busy -- I think. Or just being lazy? And, although I wasn't working out, I was at least eating well! So . . . there's that?

I did get a little bit of encouragement yesterday -- I saw Chris' mom for the first time since Memorial Day and she said, "Have you lost some weight?" I have only lost 5.5lbs, but it's pretty cool that it's already noticeable.

Sarah at work said one day she thought I was losing, too. I think maybe my body is just shifting around some! :)

Anyway, I did like Hollee's trail, so I'm gonna see if she wants to do it again today or Wednesday. I'm also plan on using the row machine again some time this week.

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