Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am the blood pressure Queen!!!


You read that right -- 112/70 blood pressure today, and I lost 1.1 lbs this week! Score!

Ended up ditching Hollee last night for the jog/walk, but we're def. going tonight when she gets off work. She doesn't get off until later, which I think is a plus, because it will be cooler when we go. We're doing the hilly trail behind her house around 7:30-45ish. And we're def. doing abs tonight.

She's going to a fancy wedding this weekend (black tie) and has to be in a super-cute dress. And I'm going to the beach this weekend and gotta be in a bathing suit. (I've already been in a bathing suit this year a bunch, but this time, I'll be 6.6lbs lighter!)

Since I know my mom will be reading this blog, she'll be happy to know that I've virtually quit drinking beer. I say virtually, because I did have 2/3 on the 3rd of July. And I had one on Friday after work. Michelob Ultra, though.

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