Monday, June 29, 2009

Week Two!

I finally remembered to post my cholesterol results & goals:
Mine/Normal = Goal
HDL Cholesterol (good): 31 />39
LDL Cholesterol (bad): 138 /0-99
VLDL Cholesterol (bad): 59 /5-40

I went to Rustburg over the weekend to see visiting family. I didn't "work out" but I went swimming Saturday & Sunday and we played some backyard baseball. Plus, I cleaned house so vigorously on Friday night that I worked up quite a sweat! (Yes, the apartment was the dirty!)

Back at it today: Walking the Huckleberry solo tonight with Jeta -- we'll see if Jeta Girl does any better than HeyNow! I'll probably see Sarah running by me!

Side Note: Other than 1 Mich Ultra on Friday night while cleaning & a Coors Light on Mom's porch on Saturday, I've only had water to drink since last Monday.

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