Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Official Day One

THE PLAN: Eat less & smarter. Exercise 3-5 times a week. Weigh-in & BP check every Wednesday. Re-test Cholesterol, etc. in 3-6 mos. Weight goals are monthly (based on 2 lbs. a week average), with an aggressive end-of-year goal of close to 60 lbs!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009, was the official Day One of my Diet & Exercise plan! I still haven't gone to the grocery store (even though I've been planning to go for the past 3 days!), so my meals yesterday & today were not stellar.

Breakfast: Lean Cuisine panini
Lunch: Salad plate-sized shrimp/alredo pasta (Ruby Tuesday leftovers)
Snack: 16 Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins
Dinner: Half a baked potato w/salsa & about 1 Tbls. of Reduced-Fat Breakstone Sour Cream*
Snack: Small Salad after workout (fat free ranch)
Fluids: Water, water, & more water!

I worked out with Hollee (my Best Friend/FREE "personal trainer") for just under an hour. I consider the work-out a success b/c I didn't pass out! We did 4 "circuits" of cardio and 3 "circuits" of abs. I would have done 4 circuits of abs if I could've stopped laughing and balanced myself while attempting ball/wall crunches. I could consider the fits of giggling an ab workout, but I won't.

Although my groin muscles hurt from the lunges, I still consider the Line Jumps the devil of the workout. Who would've thought that jumping a tiny, little piece of tape could be so hard?!

*Note: 1 tablespoon of sour cream is a HUGE success for me, since usually, I would use, oh, I don't know, 1/3 cup!!! And, I will also note, that I liked the salsa so much, I probably won't use the sour cream in the future! :)

TODAY (Tuesday, June 23, 2009) is Day Two.

I woke up feeling good -- only my groin muscles are a slightly sore.

I was supposed to go to the grocery store last night after our workout, but I ended up visiting with my aunt & it got late. So, I'm SUPPOSED to go today after work . . .

Breakfast: 2 cups milk mixed with Carnation Instant breakfast (not great, but it's all I got!)
Lunch: Big ol' salad with about 4 oz. of broiled salmon (fat free ranch)
Snack: I'm hungry, so I'm about to eat 16 Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins
Dinner (Plans): 4 oz broiled salmon & the other half of that baked potato w/salsa (or a veggie from the grocery store trip)
Fluids: Water (& the milk from breakfast).

Workout: At least 35 minutes on the Huckleberry Trail (walking/jogging). Amanda & her son, Carson, are supposed to come with me. Carson will be on his bike -- so that should keep the pace up! And "8-Minute Abs" when I get home!

I would like to mention, that although the past two days have been very starch heavy, they are MUCH smaller portions than normal. So, at least there's that!


  1. funny. on sunday I decided I wanted to try and train for a marathon late this year or early the next and I thought about blogging it just like this. I probably won't though since it's no longer original.
    Good luck!

  2. Actually, I stole this blogging idea from a co-worker, Sarah, who is training for a marathon! I figured it might be a good way to keep me motivated & help hold me accountable.