Friday, June 26, 2009

My Right Shin Hates Me

I worked out at Old's Gym again last night (Hol's basement). We worked our upper body mostly, dappled with other areas by super-sets. Followed by a short walk around the neighborhood. A little over an hour.

Wall Push-Ups
21's (bicep curls)
Bench Press
Hand Slide Sit-ups
Tricep curls
Jack Knifes
Leg Lifts
Something similar to Tricep Kickbacks
Shoulder Lifts
Retarded Tarydactal

After the walk on the Huckleberry with Amanda & Carson on Tuesday, my right shin was really hurting. It was fine during the light impact in the basement, but really started to hurt again when we walked around the neighborhood. I know that it isn't hurt -- its just that those muscles haven't been used lately for much more than walking to the fridge to get a beer. And, there is an awful lot of weight getting pushed down on them now! Anyway, I iced it last night before bed, and it seems okay today. Just slightly sore. I know the best medicine for it is to keep at it!

Chris is camping tonight. Hollee is in South Carolina. Amanda is working. So I'm going to walk the Huckleberry solo tonight after work. Well, slightly solo. I'll take Chris' dog, Jeta, with me.

Heading to Rustburg for the weekend. I plan to do some cardio on Sunday morning while everyone else is at church.

Oh yea -- Hollee & I took our "BEFORE" photos last night. Scary stuff.

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